Tricks to Get Rare Tickets in Google Pay Go India

Google Pay Go India Game

Google pay has come up with a new fun game this Diwali called Go India Champion.
All You need is to install the google pay app.If you dont have the google pay app installed please download it from below mentioned link.
Tricks to Get Rare Tickets:
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In this game you need to visit all 30 cities to become Go India Champion.The game is valid till 25th of november 2020.After accomplishing the task you will be gifted a reward worth 101-501 rupees.

Go India Game Rules

  • After installing Gpay all you need to do is enter the game.
  • Initially you will get few cities and kms, start travelling the cities and eventually you will get more tickets and kms.
  • Also you will have option of maps on which you will get to see which of the cities are covered and which cities you need to focus on.
  • Also there is a option of friends where you can request or gift your cities to your friends
  • Every day by sharing the Go India game with friends you can earn 5 tickets daily
  • The Trick here is you dont need to actually send the invitation,just click on share and you will see the ticket appearing without actually sending the invitation to someone.
  • Besides this there are various means by which you can earn a ticket.
  • By normally sharing you will get repeated tickets but the main trick is to
    Get rare Tickets.

Tricks to Get Rare Tickets

  • As I mentioned by sharing Gpay event you will just find normal tickets such as amritsar,kachh,jaipur imphal and more
  • To start getting rare tickets you must do the following as google pay mentioned
  • Either do a merchant transaction by scanning the Qr code
  • Send money to your friends through Google pay and you may earn rare tickets.
  • Do a Dth recharge or any postpaid or prepaid recharge.
  • Pay electricity bill via Google pay app
  • By doing all this you may get rare tickets.this can be considered as trick to Get Rare Tickets.
  • I tried this method but was unable to get rarest ticket also Google pay schedules events at regular interval such as rangoli event playing this and answering all questions write can also act as a trick to Get Rare Tickets.
Tricks to Get Rare Tickets

Real Tricks to Get Rare Tickets

  • As i said getting rare tickets is very tough task in Google pay
  • There are lot of telegram channels and facebook groups where the tickets are exchanged, you must also try your hands on such groups
  • Do join below mention group for giveaways and tickets exchange to help each other to reach their goals
    Join telegram channel to exchange tickets and new tricks
    Join facebook group for latest Tricks
  • You must have tried all above tricks but must be still struggling to get Rare tickets such as Goa,Gaya,Nanital ,Bastar,Puri,Kochi,Kaziranga
  • Now i will share with you the Actual Tricks to Get Rare Tickets in Google pay.
  • Guys you must have done mobile recharge and still struggling to get Rare Tickets, Try doing 10 rs jio prepaid recharge and this trick will Help you get rare ticket such as Goa,Gaya,gangtok.
  • Guys you must have done a dth recharge but still must have got normal tickets.
    Do a DTh recharge worth 150 and this trick will help you get a Rare tickets
  • One more trick to get Rare ticket is to buy Gold which you can sell off after getting Tickets.This can help you get Bastar tickets.
  • One more trick to get rare ticket is to make a Google playstore recharge worth 30.You will also get a assured cashback so you wont loose all yours 30 rs
Tricks to Get Rare Tickets


  • The best trick to get rare tickets is to make transfer Via merchant account.
  • Its not necessary to go to shop and do transaction
  • You can create your own merchant account just by downloading Google pay Business and create your and your friends merchant account and transfer more then 30 rs to each other.
  • In 3-4 transaction to different friends there is sure shot chances of Getting Rare tickets in Google pay.

Google pay Go India game Extended

  • Good news for all you fellows
  • Google pay india today announced that they have extended the date for Google pay Go India championship
  • So if you guys were missing out on just for 1 or 2 rare tickets then relax guys ,the game is going to continue for one more month.

Guys try this tricks out to get rare tickets on Google pay Go India game.I have shared my experience, try on your own off luck.
For more tricks and ticket exchange do join below telegram and Facebook Group.

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30 tickets to look for

  • GOA
  • PURI
  • GAYA

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