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Salaulim dam goa

Apart from beaches, temples and churches, the beautiful Indian state of Goa has many other hidden tourist attractions. One of them is the Salaulim dam. Located at about 26km southeast of margao, Salaulim dam is the major water reservoir of South Goa and a beautiful place for a picnic. The dam is away from the locality and you can enjoy the calmness of the nature.The Salaulim Dam is situated near Netravali wildlife sanctuary on the Salaulim River, a tributary of the Zuari River about 5 km from the town of Sanguem.

Salaulim dam goa

The construction of the Salaulim dam was started in the year 1976 and completed in 2000. The reservoir submerged 20 villages and nearly 3000 people were displaced and resettled. Apart from submergence of villages, the 2.5 metres tall figure of Mother Goddess (dated to 5th century BC) in the village of Curdi (Kurdi) was relocated at Verna. Another temple, archaeologically dated to the 10th–11th century of the Kadamaba period, at curdi, Angod, was also relocated to a site 17 kilometers (11 mi) away. The relocation was done by dismantling of the original temple and then reassembling it at the new location after methodically numbering each stone, over a period of 11 years. The submerged curdi village can be seen during the summer season.

Salaulim dam goa

A botanical garden is developed at the bottom of the main wall. This beautiful garden is very well maintained with manicured plants, colorful flowers and wonderful paths. This can be the ideal picnic spot. You will have to climb a few steps to reach the “duckbill spillway”.

Unlike other dam the Salaulim dam has the unique design of semicircular wall. This wall is the main tourist attraction especially during the monsoon season when the water level rises and overflow through the duckbill spillway. The best time to visit this place is July to November. The scenic beauty from the top walk way is breathtaking. Fresh air, cool breeze, greenery and the beautiful dam! What else do you need for the perfect evening?

There is no direct public transport facility to the dam. You can either rent a bike or car as per the convenience. Road rides surrounded by lush green trees is mesmerizing and treat to eyes. Away from the crowded beaches and other famous tourist places, the Salaulim dam is calm and surrounded by greenery. There is no restaurants or good canteen available at the site, so don’t forget to carry eatables on your trip.

Salaulim dam goa

Entry time: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Entry fee: 40rps (photo id is required)

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