Narkasur in Goa |Diwali is Celebrated in Unique way…

How differently Diwali is celebrated in Goa|Narkasur in Goa

Diwali is festival of lights celebrated across India.There is completely Different vibe all together as the festive season of Diwali approaches.The way Diwali is celebrated in Goa will amaze you. Goa is known just for its beaches but the immense cultural heritage Goa caters is known to very few.If you are planning to visit Goa, do visit Goa a Day before Diwali.You will be fascinated to see the streets full of Narkasur in Goa. he is a demon who was killed by Lord Krishna on the eve of Diwali and thus the celebration of Narak chaturdashi Occurs. Narkasur in Goa is astonishing as it is indifferent from other states of India.

Narkasur in Goa: Preparation

Preparation of Narkasur in Goa is not just a one day cake walk.Young boys to old men are enthusiastically involved in the Narkasur Preparation.Preparation of Narkasur in Goa take a time frame from 10 days to even 1 and half month earlier.These are the days where all boys have sleepless night to create the paper demon.From the preparation of face called (moye) from clay and then having different layers of fiber and paper, to creation of skeleton called sangado which may either be in iron which is welded to give perfect shape or few still use authentic bamboo techniques to builds the skeleton. Boys out there put their whole heart and sole in order to  built the mighty Narkasur in Goa.

If you visit the streets of Goa a week ago you will get to see whole streets in all gully busy Preparing Narkasur in Goa.If You plan to visit Goa,do visit during the day before Diwali so you don’t miss all the fun.

Narkasur in Goa|Night Before Diwali

With all the preparation done with few here and there last moment finishing the Narkasur is stood high.
you will see different shapes and sizes of narkasur all around Goa.There will be lights ,high DB speakers with music all will hear demon sounds along with famous “Narkasura re Narkasura, Bari bari kapda bhokan bhora” song and also EDMs playing out there as Goa is fond of music.You will notice Streets jammed with people to take glimpse of every narkasur. Especially the famous Streets of Mala Panjim are jam packed.

If you are planning to have a ride then get it either done at early evening or late nights.

Narkasur competition in Goa

Besides Narkasur that are Stationary at particular streets,Narkasur night in Goa also Caters to Narkasur completion.Major cities such as Panjim, Margao ,vasco host Narkasur Competion. People all over Goa get their Narkasur to the competition. Competition will just amaze and fascinate you as you will get to witness moving demons ahead of you creating an aura and finally narkasur being Assassinated by Lord Krishna.

History of Narkasur

Narkasur is a mythical Demon that is said to have ruled all dynasties on earth. Narkasur is depicted as son of bhudevi and varaha (incarnation of vishnu).
His mother, the earth, asked for a Blessing from Vishnu that her son should have a long life, and that he should be all powerful. Lord Vishnu granted all there vardan.
But it was already wrote in destiny that the mighty Demon Narkasur will be killed by an incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Narkasur reckless use of powers

Narkasur had now took control of all dynasties on earth and was now heading towards swargloka.
He considered himself the most powerful and no one would wither him. He got a desire to marry devi kamakhya. Devi kamakhya put an condition ahead of narkasura. Condition was to build a staircase from the bottom of the Nilachal Hill to the temple within one night before the cock crows to indicate Dawn, then she would surely marry him.
Narkasur put all his might and accepted the challenge. Though the task was huge but mighty narkasur was almost about to accomplish it before dawn. Devi Kamakhya got panic stricken and strangled a cock and made it crow untimely to give the impression of Dawn to Narakasur. Narkasur left the job halfway as he felt prey to the trap. he chased the Cock and killed it.
The incomplete staircase is now known as Mekhelauja Path.

End of Narkasur was Near

Narkasur now had control over all dynasty on earth. Narkasur arrogance grew and now he wanted to get hold of swarglok. Indra could not withstand Narkasur and fled to heavens. Narkasur Now ruled earth as well as swarglok.He was so blind with his arrogance that he stole earrings of goddess mother Aditi. Narkasurs atrocities grew more and more that he even kidnapped 16000 women.

All devas approached lord Vishnu for help to free them from the atrocities of Narkasur.Lord Vishnu assured them to free them from the atrocities in the form of incarnation Krishna. As promised to Mother Earth, Narakasura was allowed to enjoy a long reign. At last Vishnu was born as Krishna.Aditi asked helped from Satyabhama (Mother of Krishna).Satyabhama with permission from Lord Krishna raged a War Against Narkasur

Furious battle between Krishna and Narkasur

Lord Krishna attacked Narkasur Fortress riding on Garuda.Lord Krishna used the Narayanastra and the Agneyastra against the army of Narakasura. The battle was furiously fought.Lord Krishna killed mura who was Narkasur’s general and that is why Lord Krishna is named “Murari”.

Narakasur used several divine weapons against Lord Krishna, but Krishna easily neutralised all those weapons. Narakasura used the Brahmastra against Lord Krishna, but Lord Krishna neutralised it with his own Brahmastra. Narakasura deployed the Agneyastra against Lord Krishna, but Lord Krishna overcome it with the Varunastra. Narakasura exercised the Nagapasha ahead Lord Krishna, but Lord Krishna conquered it with the Garudastra. In desperation, Narakasura launched the Vaishnavastra on Lord Krishna, but Lord Krishna neutralized it with another Vaishnavastra. At last, when Narakasura tried to kill Lord Krishna with a trident, Lord Krishna beheaded him with his Sudarshana Chakra 

lord krishna killing narkasur

Assasination of Narkasur in Goa

After all the enjoyment and fun on the streets here comes the time just before dawn wherein Narkasur is Burnt in Goa. Normally Narkasur is burnt at 5 am in morning demarking the eve of Diwali. Its not just about burning narkasur its actually about burning the negativity such as greed, jealousy ,lust, hatred within us. Before Burning Narkasur You make it…strange insnt it???

narkasur assasination

Early morning all enter their home, take bath refresh yourself. Then there is a ritual followed of stamping “Karit” a small fruit similar to cucumber which plays very important role in Goan culture.
This fruit is stamped by the heel of the left foot on the second day of Diwali by males after they come out of baths. Its significance is when Lord Krishna kills the demon Narakasura by stamping his heel of left foot and destroys him.

Narkasur in Goa

With this we wish you all a very happy and prosperous happy Diwali….do comment in your experiences in Goa.

happy diwali

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