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Where is dudhsagar waterfalls

As you all know Goa is famous for its beaches besides that you won’t be aware of the natural heritage goa covers.The more you explore Goa the more fascinated you will be. One such spot with a mesmerizing view is the Dudhsagar waterfalls. If you are planning to visit goa make sure you add trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls in your bucketlist. Yes it’s hectic, yes it’s painful but nature besides will keep you soothing and the end result in front of your eyes is just breathtaking.

Dudhsagar waterfall ranks fifth among the highest waterfalls in India. Dudhsagar waterfall is located in beautiful Western ghats at Goa-karnataka border. It is located on the Mandovi River which flows upto Panjim to meet Arabian sea. The gushing water from the mountain looks like milk, that’s why it’s called Dudhsagar (River of water).

Trek to dudhsagar waterfalls Goa

Dudhsagar waterfalls is located at around 68 kms from Panjim the capital city of goa and 86 kms from belgaum. You need to plan in advance how you will be traveling down to Goa so as to plan the trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls with whole enthusiasm.

How to Reach dudhsagar waterfalls

There are various means by which you can reach dudhsagar water falls. You may trek dudhsagar waterfalls by walk or may take jeep safari. Jeep safari is seasonal and will remain closed during the monsoon season.

If you are willing to trek you must go to the Kullem railway station. As I Mentioned it is 68 kms from panjim. There are two means by which u can reach kullem, one is by railway where you can get down to Kullem railway station and the other one is by road.

dudhsagar waterfalls Goa ride

Where we started our journey from??

  • “Bike rides are always a fun ride”. We started our journey to Dudhsagar waterfalls from panjim.
  • We started our journey early in the morning so that we could complete the trekking early and could get more time to spend at the actual venue.
  • Note: It gets dark earlier due to dense forest cover so start your day early. You can get the two wheelers on rent in Panjim city.
  • We started our journey at 7:30 am in the morning. In the monsoon season you must be extra cautious during bike rides and please do wear safety gears.
  • Bike rides with intermittent drizzles are always fun. We reached Usgao tisk in about one and half hours where we had a bit of snacks and a few photographs on the way.
  • Make sure to stick together as me and my pillion went through a tragedy as we headed in the wrong direction on the way.
bike ride dudhsagar waterfalls Goa

The tragedy “On the way”

As I mentioned please stick together and get google direction saved in offline maps. We had our snacks and begined our ride. We were just a few kms away. Me and my friend stayed back to have some pictures clicked. The rest of the team went ahead. We were following the straight road and did not realise that we missed the junction turn which we were supposed to take. Instead we went straight ahead without noticing that we were climbing our way on to Anmod Ghat. Nature was at its best, we did not realize that we rode on to the anmod ghat for nearly an hour and had travelled 30 kms extra. To worsen the situation there won’t be any mobile network at anmod ghat. So we realized the blunder only when we crossed the Anmod ghat and found a Karnataka police check post. So we had to take the U turn and travel down the hill.

We did not lose hope and decided to complete the trek as we did not want to miss the view. We reached at Kullem railway station at 11 pm.

dudhsagar waterfalls start line

So u people do not make the same blunder as we did.

Trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls Begins

So finally we reached at kullem Railway station. Already we were late and  we had a big task to cover a huge distance in very less time. Other team members had moved ahead 1 hr before us.

Note: It will approximately take 2 hrs to reach Kullem from Panjim via road with few intermittent breaks.

dudhsagar waterfalls Goa Trek

So we started our trekking journey. Normally there are two routes to trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls.
First one is to go straight through the railway track and take the forest way from sonurlem railway stop. This way will save 2 kms and also will get proper forest land to walk on. Inorder to travel by this  route you need to compulsorily have life jackets and a nominal entry ticket of forest department.
Note: During monsoon this route is closed.

So we chose the other path which goes straight through the railway track till our destination arrives.
This is not a normal trek as u have to walk on railway tracks with stones on it which makes it difficult to walk. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes so it doesn’t hurt your heels. Also make sure to have compact snacks with you and mainly enough water to keep you hydrated.

dudhsagar waterfalls Goa Trek

We were full of joy along the trek as the track is covered with dense forest on both sides. With few drizzles here and there which keeps you amazed. After three-four kms u may start feeling the heat but you need to move on. On the way you will get 4 tunnels which you need to cross.Crossing the tunnel is a different feeling all together. There will be many trains on the track which won’t make u feel lonely.

Note: Be aware of signals …and be ready to keep safe distance from track especially when you enter the tunnels.

Take a few stops as walking on tracks will be hectic and you will need a few breaks.Take a few breaks, have your snacks….a bit of photographs and enjoy the nature.

But be sure not to discharge your cameras or mobiles on the way ,otherwise you might lose the opportunity to capture the stunning and mighty dudhsagar waterfalls.

So around 2 and half hours of walk and we reached Sonaulim that’s 10 km approximately from where we started!!!

Sonalium Railway station

We were feeling exhausted a bit but the soothing nature kept us going. Around one and half km from Sonaulim you will get to see the first glimpse of stunning Dudhsagar. The view is very much  fascinating.

Dudhsagar waterfall was 1 and half km away from here we took a stop and moved on.
After almost 3 hours of journey the mighty dudhsagar was in front of our eyes. It’s a breathtaking view and you will feel all the walk was worth it. Water from the streams creates an illusion of milk flowing through the mountains and that’s why the name Dudhsagar.

dudhsagar waterfalls Goa

This is the place where the Chennai Express scene was shot. Exact 16702 steps on our smartwatch was worth walking.

chennai express View

The view will Mesmerize you and you will just want to keep staring at it and get lost in it.
It should never matter how tall the mountain is. The best view comes from the highest climb…

Rest of our mates were out there and were amazed to see that we achieved the feat.

Note: Take care of your belongings as there are many monkeys out there

So taking time constraint into consideration you got to move out as early as possible. As I said it gets darker earlier, we left at 3:30 and reached kullem at around 6:15.
We were exhausted as hell but the memory will be worth experiencing.

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